A Red Cross Mission Moment

Truckee Air Show

Truckee Air Show

We arrived at the Truckee airport to a crisp cool early morning breeze,  setting up our easy – up tent, tables, literature,  color coded spinning wheel & prize selections.

 All routine tasks for a day of “questions & answers” relating to possible disasters in One’s community. The crowds were growing as we began our mission.

The music playing  was of 1930-1940 era. a few patriotic songs and a pledge of allegiance to begin the air show.

What was not routine was the beautiful sky, filled with wonderful sights of aircraft tricks and spins with incredible speed and ear piercing “roaring Jet engines”  that criss- crossed each other and flew  in very close precision formation.

It was thrilling, to say the least. The men and women of the military and civilian pilots alike were the heroes of the day.

I am guessing there were several hundred people in attendance if not a few thousand. We were kept busy most of the day with lots of Kids!  
The Red Cross Volunteers present were : Tami Martin, Beryl Mayne, Larry & Esther Bousquet of Truckee, Calif.

 A very pleasant day was had by all.


 From: Beryl Mayne