Holiday Mail for Heroes v 2.0

Check out our new twist on one of our favorite holiday traditions! With a reduction in U.S. military forces overseas, particularly in the Middle East and across Europe, we have revised our Holiday Mail for Heroes program!

Rather than collecting hundreds of individual holiday cards, we are collecting messages and signatures on large banners to be distributed to and displayed in military and VA facilities throughout the region! What began as a Veteran’s Day project for several Red Cross Clubs in the Capital Region is quickly taking off… Continue reading Holiday Mail for Heroes v 2.0

Giving Tuesday – Why We Give Back

Volunteer Freddy Aw helps deliver relief supplies to residents of Weed, CA following September's Boles Fire.
Volunteer Freddy Aw helps deliver relief supplies to residents of Weed, CA following September’s Boles Fire.

Tuesday, December 2, has been designated at “Giving Tuesday”. This is a global campaign driving people to give back in some way, shape, or form during the day and bring some balance to other days on the calendar devoted to shopping and giving thanks. And whether you choose to provide financial support, or get hands-on and volunteer to help, there are countless opportunities around the world and in your own backyard to get involved and give back where it’s needed most! Continue reading Giving Tuesday – Why We Give Back

Veteran’s Day

By Jordan Scott, Communications Director, Red Cross Capital Region

I grew up in a military family. My grandfather flew B-24’s over Europe in World War II, and continued his service to our country over a distinguished and decorated career in the United States Air Force. My father followed a similar path, serving nearly 30 years as a flight navigator, working at the Pentagon, and retiring as a Lt. Colonel. In fact my father’s side of the family all served in the Air Force. Two uncles fought in Vietnam, others in the Gulf War, and one uncle even earned the honor to lead the USAF Thunderbirds! Continue reading Veteran’s Day