Remembering our Veterans

Written by Debbie Calcote, Red Cross Disaster Program Manager, Stanislaus/Tuolumne Counties
For the past 7 years, volunteers and I have attended the San Joaquin National Cemetery Memorial in Santa Nella.
Today marked the 7th year of this tradition. I know it doesn’t seem like much to some, but this morning I was watching all the volunteers and I remembered when this venture first began. I was a volunteer at the time. I would work for weeks planning and gathering supplies for us to provide refreshments for those in attendance. We didn’t have as many resources then, so it was often a struggle to get supplies. But we were all happy to go out and ask for such a great event.

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Red Cross Takes Part in Triennial Airport Exercise


Written by Sandy Baker, Red Cross Volunteer

When we pack our bags and check in at the airline counter for a long overdue trip to Maui, most of us never give a second thought to what goes on behind the scenes of an airport to keep us safe. Just like home, school, or work, the entire airport must create a cohesive plan, working together to prepare for potential emergencies. Continue reading Red Cross Takes Part in Triennial Airport Exercise