Why I Work with the Red Cross

“I volunteer for the American Red Cross because the mission coincides with who I am, the people are real wholesome people down deep, it’s the only place where a REAL difference is made every day, and I get to have a small part of that difference.”

— Benjamin Campbell


Why I Work with the Red Cross

“I understand how important one person’s donation is. The 1 pint of blood that a patient gives can mean the world to someone, no matter who they are.  I volunteer because it makes me happy to see people donate and that I can help in the process. Some people may not understand the importance of donating blood but those who do are real lifesavers.”

— Guftav Fatima, Grade 12

Why I Work with the Red Cross

“I volunteer for the Red Cross because it’s just part of who am I now. I got started in college because my lifeguard job paid for me to become a CPR first aid instructor and it just seemed right to pay it forward to the community. That was 2002 or so, and I haven’t stopped since.

“When I was volunteer teaching, I knew I was helping save lives. The same goes for my current role in DAT. With organizing smoke alarm installations, I know I’m saving lives. With home fire or larger fire response, I know I’m helping people through the hardest days of their lives…….I know without a doubt I’m helping.”

— JoLynn Miller

Why I Work with the Red Cross

“I volunteer for the American Red Cross because I get the chance to help people who lost everything in a disaster, big or small.  I get to see people in both good times and bad.  But it can be a lot of fun also.  I get to take part in things that I would not normally do.  This gives the people the opportunity to see us also.  I am referring to all of the events we take part in.  I remember last year (after the wildfires) that we took part in two parades.  The people who were watching on both sides of the streets were applauding as we went passed.  This is a good feeling to know that we are appreciated for all that we have been doing.  We get to meet different people that we would not normally meet also.  We will always be there for people whenever they need us.  And we are continuously learning how to help them better.  I could carry on more but I am going to stop for now.”

— Robert Albonico