Welcome to Gold Country Crosswords – a place for news, stories, and more about the American Red Cross Gold Country Region. Here you will get an in-depth look at the happenings of our work as we proudly serve 24 counties throughout Northern California. (Read our Terms of Use here.)

Covering such expansive territory is a big job, one that is shared by two Red Cross Chapters – the Sierra Delta Chapter and Northeastern California Chapter- and a volunteer workforce nearly 3,000 strong.

Thanks to the commitment and passion of these volunteers, the Red Cross is out in the local community each and everyday providing a variety of services from disaster response, health and safety training, community outreach and education, service to our Armed Forces, and so much more.

Blog Goals:

  1. To inspire you to talk to each other and your networks about issues we care about.
  2. To offer you immediate actions you can take (online or offline) to help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies
  3. To give you valuable information about preventing, preparing for, and responding to emergencies
  4. To have a little fun and find areas of collaboration with you.

Questions? Contact: Lilly.Wyatt@redcross.org

More info about the Red Cross social engagement program:

Want to become a Disaster Digital Volunteer? See below:

Disaster Digital Volunteer

During major disasters, we often need help to provide Red Cross services via social engagement.

1. You have an active personal Twitter account whose content and presentation reflects the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross. We probably won’t choose those who frequently tweet profane, political, or religious content.
2. You have an active personal Facebook, Google+ or other social presence.
3. You are willing to use your personal social accounts as an official representative of the American Red Cross.
4. You are empathetic.
5. You are detail-oriented and post only confirmed information.

1. Email socialmedia [at] redcross [dot] org to indicate your desire to become a Red Cross disaster digital volunteer, including links to your social presences.
2. We will initiate the process to run a background check.
3. Once the background check is done, you will be asked to complete 2 trainings (a) Social Engagement Certification Training and (b) disaster digital volunteer advanced social engagement training.
4. Once you’ve completed 1-3, we will keep you in our database and call on you to help whenever there is a major disaster.

– See more at: http://redcrosschat.org/about/#sthash.Wez7Qzoc.UV5t9thH.dpuf

We are glad you have stopped by and hope you will find the information helpful, and inspiring.

Yours Truly,

Lilly Wyatt
Director, Regional Communications and Marketing
American Red Cross Gold Country Region.

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