Tree Demolishes Rocklin Home

By Heath Wakelee, DAT Volunteer

A family of three were sound asleep when a 40-foot tree fell down on their mobile home in Rocklin, CA, demolishing it completely. Fortunately, they were uninjured and able to escape into the darkness of night.

I was the Disaster Action Team lead and Arry Murphy was my volunteer teammate. We found the family frantic, as anyone would be. The 19 year-old daughter ran to us as soon as we parked the Red Cross response vehicle. We learned that neither of her parents speak English, so she acted as translator enabling us to complete our initial case work.

The family does not have home insurance, nearby relatives, nor savings. Sadly, this is a frequent finding when the Red Cross is called out to help. We provided the family with immediate assistance and they were very grateful.

I am blessed to be the face of the Red Cross in my community, but I’m not alone. There are thousands of volunteers all over the country who, without their selfless dedication, the Red Cross could not reach as many people in need.


Published by

Gold Country Crosswords

The American Red Cross Gold Country Region serves the Sierra-Delta Chapter as well as the Northeastern California Chapter, a total of 24 Counties from Stanislaus to Siskiyou. We are happy to serve the 4.4 million residents in the state.

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