Red Cross at the State Fair


It’s that time of year again in the Capital Region, STATE FAIR TIME! This year the American Red Cross Capital Region has teamed up with long-time partner in emergency preparedness, PG&E, at a couple of booths right in the middle of all the fair action.

For several years, the Capital Region has been partnering with PG&E. This partnership has resulted in programs that support vulnerable neighborhoods in the central and northern California regions.  Some of these programs include the American Red Cross Ready Neighborhoods program and Team Fire Stoppers.  Both programs aid communities in becoming better prepared for disaster. Preparedness starts at home and the Red Cross strongly suggests every family take the time to build a disaster kit, make an emergency plan, and be informed about the types of disasters that happen locally, and urges every member of the community get involved.


The booths at the state fair offer an opportunity for the Red Cross and PG&E to continue to reach out to the community. Volunteers will be passing out information, spinning the wheel and asking questions about emergency preparedness and giving away prizes everyday at the fair from open to close until July 27th. Take a minute between riding the rides, eating the deep fried Oreos and viewing the exhibits to go check out the Red Cross and PG&E booths and learn more about how you can be better prepared for an emergency!


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